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Melanie Kim

“It’s clear that Tony is an experienced martial artist AND instructor. It is a pleasure to learn from someone with a high skill level who is so good at imparting instruction. The classes allow you to challenge yourself at your own skill level, while still benefiting from demonstration of more advanced techniques.”

Kevin Hayes

“There are options for everyone. Find something you are interested in, and learn useful skills, have fun, and improve yourself & your community.”

Michael Serio

“Sensei Tony Johnson is a driven and inspired individual focused on excellence. If you are looking for an easy, or fast way to learn Martial Arts, look somewhere else. Tony Johnson offers instead a top-to-bottom holistic approach to teaching that will give you skills fit for the rest of your life.”

Joshua Kennemer-Washeba

“Sensei Tony is an excellent teacher with tons of experience. He has an incredible amount of patience & is great with kids of all ages. If you have ever wanted to try martial arts, I highly recommend you do it here!”

Terris Becker

“This is an amazing school. There are great people who are always willing to help. Tony is patient and kind and puts learning as his top priority. He is always looking out for the well being of his students.”

Ron Evans

“Martial Arts Academy has become a central part of our families weekly schedule. We have watched our son become more confident under Tony’s mentorship. My wife and I appreciate the health and spiritual benefits from the classes we participate in.”

Orion Evans

“This school has helped me out in life a ton, and has benefitted me in many ways”

Bill Conde

“Over the past 30 years, I’ve had the opportunity to study under some great and not-so-great instructors, in a fairly broad range of martial art styles. Sensei Tony is definitely in the ‘great’ category.

Sensei Tony embodies the full range of aspects required to fully study martial arts. Not only does he exhibit superb physical skills, but his background knowledge of the origins, specifics and ideals of the martial arts is impressive.

His commitment to the community is legend, and his commitment to his students is excellent.

I heartily recommend Sensei Tony to anyone wanting to really get a ‘full immersion’ into martial arts.”

Sami Lange, Second Degree Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do

“I have attended Martial Arts Academy in Rohnert Park since February of 2013. I have had the opportunity to train at over five schools across the country through my nine years of training in the martial arts. Martial Arts Academy is by far my favorite school and our Sensei Tony Johnson is an incredibly skilled and thoughtful instructor. As an educator I can appreciate the varied approaches to his teaching style, and it is clear he reaches each student were they are and helps them improve and create a community. I have taken kickboxing and kung fu classes as well as private lessons and they have been of an exceptional value to me. The classes have provided stress relief, an outlet for pregnancy fitness and an opportunity to make friends and become a part of wonderful community.”

Dona Cohn-Payne

“Tony was my karate teacher for many years as well as a teacher of my son. He was very engaging with his students and an excellent role model for children.”

Cecilia O’Brien

“My daughter did summer camp at the YMCA in Montevista Elementary in Rohnert Park. Tony Johnson and his school (Martial Arts Academy) visited during the camp and provided great information, engaging all the kids in a fun and inspiring way.

What I liked the most was the interactive lecture on bullying, as Tony clearly explained what the kids should do if it happens to them. It was three simple steps, very easy for young minds to remember (my daughter was talking about it event after a couple of weeks!) I firmly believe every kid should know this as bullying is sadly everywhere…

Tony has the ability to reach the kids on their own level and teach them in a way they could understand and really learn. It was very nice having young members of Martial Arts Academy also demonstrating, they inspired all the YMCA kids to try Karate right there on the spot, and how much fun that was! But, at the same time, Tony was very clear explaining that Karate is for self-defense only. As a parent, I recommend checking out Martial Arts Academy, your children will learn tools that would shape their lives in a positive way.”

Pauline Meehan

“Just knowing Tony for a year, he has been extremely professional and passionate about his work. He is a wonderful teacher and really cares for his students, which is rare these days. Tony is extremely accommodating and willing to work with your schedule to make sure your needs are met. I would definitely recommend Tony in Kickboxing and Self Defense. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable, but still getting you butt in shape!!”

Aaron Kozlowski

“Tony is a great teacher and mentor for the kids. I would and do recommend him to anyone who is interested in the martial arts “

Dan Scott

“Martial Arts Academy has changed my life. It’s not just the rigorous workout, it’s the complete package. You not only learn the art you’re interested in, but you also get an in-depth education about the philosophy and culture that really compliments and completes your classroom experience. Sifu Johnson is a fantastic teacher who is truly dedicated to faithfully passing on his extensive knowledge of a wide variety of martial arts.”

Janet Henker

“I have taken several self defense classes from Sensei Tony. He is an excellent instructor who works well with all skill levels to teach practical skills for keeping yourself & your loved ones safe. I highly recommend this class.”

Cecilia O’Brien

“I have been a student of Tony for nearly two years now, and can’t wait for the next 20. An amazing group of people come to class not only seeking great ways to excercise and to gain self confidence, but also to have a fun, good time.”

Sandy Batarseh

“Tony’s passion is why this school is awesome. He is not pretentious and genuinely cares about his students progress. One measure of success for me is can an activity be enjoyable for my kids while teaching them discipline and the answer is Tony!”

Rami Batarseh

“”Edward Foster once said “One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested””.

Tony Johnson at the Martial Arts Academy has passion for his work. You can see it in his eyes and its clearly being reflected onto his students.

The only thing my three kids prefer to do over going to the martial art class is eat ice cream.

Highly recommended.”

Nicoline Greco

“My two sons started in MAA in the end of 2012 and they LOVE it.They made us feel welcome and comfortable right away . Building a community seems very important to Tony. I also love what Sensei teaches the kids. Sensei Tony really seem to have a way with the kids: he is strict with the rules but he teaches in a gentle way , and the kids love it. He is the real thing!

We now live in Petaluma , but i gladly drive up to Rohnert park to bring my kids to MAA.”

John Sciamanna

“Sensei Tony’s love for Karate is infectious to all of us.I never thought I could learn it but I am.Thank you Tony for everything,can’t wait to see what’s next!!!!!”

Erick Theilen

“Martial Arts Academy is an amazing environment for learning about your abilities and exceeding your expectations of what you thought you could accomplish. Not to mention Sensei Tony Johnson is one of the finest instructors around. As a fitness instructor myself for over 15 years and a student of Sensei Johnson for over 8 years, I can say with confidence, Sensei Johnson provides a safe and encouraging school where you are challenged without the fear of being injured. Sensei has an intuitive sense of when enough is enough for your body and personally tailors his work with each student to account for their abilities and skill level. I fully recommend Martial Arts Academy and Sensei Johnson for both beginning martial arts student as well as advanced, experienced, senior students.”

Sharon Hurst

“I have found Tony Johnson’s Martial Arts Academy to be friendly and caring to his students. My granddaughter was very inspired and excited about her lessons.”

Cecilia O’Brien

“My son enjoys Karate tremendously and he is passionate about it. Tony is very fair expecting discipline and respect, has high performance standards, but at the same time he makes learning fun and exciting. It’s not easy to find all those ‘old-fashioned’ qualities in one instructor. I truly recommend this class for all kids.”


“Great classes from a very skilled instructor!”

Marion Van Horn

“I have never done any kind of martial arts before starting the Martial Arts Academy kickboxing class a year ago. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy the class and the ability to make the work out as hard or as easy as I might need on a particular day. Sensei Tony Johnson fosters a sense of respect and inclusiveness for all class members, yet each member receives individualized instruction as he observes every student during class and gives them feedback and suggestions for improvement. I’m over 55 years old so I appreciate the special attention paid to our form so we don’t injure ourselves.

I’m a dedicated student now and a bonus has been that this class has shown me many ways that I move through my life in and out of class”


“Tony is great, very positive and respectful with the children and adults alike.”


“Tony is a patient teacher who pushes his students to do their best. His philosophies are in tune with his actions and work ethic. Highly recommend.”


“Who says you can’t learn something new and fun at 50?”

Melissa Welch, Panhellenic Executive Board, SSU

“Sensei Tony taught a very informative, fun self-defense class for over 300 sorority women at Panhellenic’s 3rd Annual Women’s Wellness Retreat. Numerous women came up to me and told me how great they thought his class was and how they want to continue to learn more about self defense and martial arts. Tony is not only a great teacher, but a kind individual who wants to spread the importance of self-defense among college women.”

Beverly Sciamanna

“Martial Arts Academy gives me the opportunity to learn new skills that I never imagined I would be able to do as well as learn about myself. I can’t think of any better way to be involved in taking care of myself. I’ve met new people and love feeling like I am part of a community. Tony’s love for martial arts is contagious and truly shows in his teachings. We are all lucky to have such a positive role model. “

Deanna Del Pape Washington

“I tried the kickboxing class last night at the new location. I’ve never done kickboxing or any other martial arts before and found that I really enjoyed the experience. Everyone was so nice too. My goal while losing weight, is to find an exercise activity that is fun to do in order to get in shape. I think I found it! I’m looking forward to the next class. Come and try it! Tony offers free classes to try it out. Now, you have no excuses! Call him.”

Cecilia O’Brien

“Before attending Tony’s classes I had lots of trouble sleeping, even taking over the counter pills didn’t help. I would be restless, tossing and turning all night. I come from a family of sleep deprived people, so it was not a big surprise. But after 2 or 3 weeks of Martial Conditioning classes I started sleeping much better, solid through the night! I now wake up refreshed and energetic. I also have more energy throughout the day, and feel more confident facing life challenges. I look forward every day to this treat to my body and spirit!”

Richelle Andrae, Volunteer Coordinator for CalSERVES at Taylor Mountain School

Hi Tony,
Thanks again for your amazing presentations today! Here’s a testimonial, feel free to use it in any publication/website, you have my complete endorsement!

Sensei Tony Johnson has donated over 12 hours of karate classes for the students in the CalSERVES after-school programs at 6 elementary schools in the Wright and Bellevue School districts of Santa Rosa. As the volunteer coordinator at one of those sites, I really appreciated his approach to teaching students the basics of karate. He was assertive, kind, and demonstrated an amazing ability to captivate students with his contagious enthusiasm. The students not only learned key points in the art of karate, but also got in great physical workouts and were empowered through his presentation. I would highly recommend Sensei Tony for both youth and adults who are interested in learning the karate ABCs, or for advanced lessons. We can’t wait to have him return!

Richelle Andrae
CalSERVES AmeriCorps
richelle.andrae@calserves.org; (414) 469-6664
Taylor Mtn. Elem. 1210 E. Bellevue Ave. Santa Rosa CA 95401

Lauren Loeffler, Volunteer Coordinator for CalSERVES at Wright Charter School

My name is Lauren Loeffler. I am the CalSERVES Volunteer Coordinator at Wright Charter School. CalSERVES is an AmeriCorps program operating in six different Santa Rosa schools. During the day, we offer one-on-one tutoring for students struggling in their regular curriculum. After school, we provide extra enrichment activities for an additional 150 students. Though we focus mainly on literacy and homework help, our students are also exposed to P.E., science, art, and nutrition.
We invited Tony Johnson to our school because he was able to introduce our kids to a new and different sport. Generally, the students at Wright are involved in common sports, such as soccer, basketball, and football. In keeping with our values, Tony had fun with the first through forth graders and got them moving around. Most importantly however, Tony taught them that Karate is the last resort–safety always comes first.

The kids at Wright adored their time with Tony. The students who didn’t get to see his presentation are eager for his next visit. I recommend his classes to any family looking to get their child into this discipline. On a personal note, I am excited to participate in his adult kickboxing class. Tony offers something for all ages. I hope that everyone checks out their opportunities!

Lauren Loeffler
Wright Charter Elementary

Julianna Whittaker, Volunteer Coordinator for CalSERVES at Bellevue Elementary

My name is Julianna Whittaker, and I am the volunteer coordinator for CalSERVES, at Bellevue Elementary School. We are a not for profit educational after school program set up in South West Santa Rosa. We always look for ways to involve the community and present different opportunities for the kids during the after school program.

Recently, we had Tony Johnson come and present on the art of Karate. He visited us from the Martial Arts Academy at Callinan Sports and Fitness Center in Rohnert Park. He conducted a 25 min presentation to kids divided up in 3 different groups. The groups consisted of K-1st grade, 2-3rd grade, and 4-5-6th grade. He was able to keep the children entertained and held their attention very well. The kids were able to gain positive knowledge of Karate, and were even able to mirror moves that they learned during the presentation.

I would highly recommend Tony Johnson’s Martial Arts Academy to present in schools because of his dedication to Karate, and his great way of keeping the kids involved and at attention. The kids were clearly enjoying the activity and all asked when he was coming back.

Julianna Whittaker

Melissa Collins, Team Leader at CalSERVES Kawana Elementary

My name is Melissa Collins, and I am a team leader at CalSERVES Kawana Elementary. We are a volunteer based after school program that serves southwest Santa Rosa. We are constantly looking for ways to broaden the kids’ horizons and expand their world experiences. Tony Johnson came in and provided an interactive Karate experience. He visited us from the Martial Arts Academ…y at Callinan Sports and Fitness Center in Rohnert Park. Tony presented to three different groups ranging from K-5. The kids had been reading about karate the week before so the excitement was running high. They absolutely loved his hands on presentation and felt inspired afterwards to continue their Karate education. I would definitely recommend Tony Johnson’s Martial Arts Academy to present in schools because he kept the kids involved, made sure to set safety boundaries, and it was appropriate for all age groups (4 through 11). Just today the kids were asking me when that super cool karate man was coming back.

Melissa Collins
Team Leader
Volunteer Infrastructure Project
CalSERVES AmeriCorps

Mike Dominguez at SSU (Sonoma State University)
Competitive Sports, Marketing, and Kids Camp Coordinator

“Tony came to Super Kids Camp on two occasions this summer and did a fantastic job teaching karate to our campers! All of the kids had a lot of fun participating and learning about the basics of karate from an energetic and personable instructor! I would definitely recommend Tony to any and all individuals looking for a qualified and experienced karate teacher!”

Mike Dominguez
Competitive Sports, Marketing, and Kids Camp Coordinator


Dan Scott

“I have been a student of Tony Johnson for a little over two years. I started when I was 48 years old and had just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I have to say that his Kung-Fu class has changed my life permanently for the good. I’m in the best shape of my life and my health has never been better. Praying Mantis challenges your mind and body and Tony is an awesome teacher. I can’t recommend this class strongly enough, it not only will give you the best workout you ever had but it’s also the most fun you’ll ever have learning about the amazing world of martial arts.”

Beverly Sciamanna

“If you ever gave it thought to try kickboxing now is the time. You’re gonna love it. And doing something good for yourself and getting in shape is so rewarding. If you think you need to be coordinated, it’s not true. I’m sure not and even with my Neuropathy in my lower right leg I manage pretty well.”

Erick Theilen

“I have been studying with Sensei Johnson since 2005. He has an amazing ability to instruct students and I enjoy the history and philosophy Sensei weaves into the classes. I highly recommend the Martial Arts Academy to anyone looking for a supportive and energetic environment to learn from a true and natural teacher.”

Meghan Taylor

“The Martial Arts Academy is a great place to not only learn martial arts but to also connect with different people and get healthy. I took both kung fu and karate and had a great time. Sensei has a great gift in teaching and does what he can to ensure that his students understand the movements, principles and applications behind what is being taught. I learned a great deal in only a few months and look forward to learning more in the future.”

Nia Hansen

“The Academy is a wonderful community, promoting not just martial skills and strength but personal growth as well. Great instructor and fellow students. Supplementing the classes with personalized private lessons has proved very effective!”

Tanea Martin

“Martial Arts Academy changed my life! It gave me something to look forward to when my days started blending into each other and my weeks became monotonous. Sensei Tony is a great teacher, and he actually cares about each and every one of his students! Its such a great opportunity to learn something incredible and fun!”

David Jackson

” The kung fu class at the community center is super fun. They are a great workout for any skill level. The atmosphere of the class is friendly and welcoming. Tony is very knowledgeable and a great teacher. And it’s only about 5 minutes from my house. My wife can’t wait for the tai chi classes. As soon as my son is old enough he’ll be headed off to the little dragons class.”