Private Lessons in Vancouver, Washington

Are you interested in Private Martial Arts Lessons?

I’m interested in finding the right individuals to teach.

I’ve been teaching professionally for many years, and now just want to teach for fun.

There are two groups of people that I specialize in teaching:

  1. Those who have NO experience in martial arts and no real interest in learning them, but would like to be able to feel safe at all times (Immediate Self Defense)
  2. Those who have significant experience and are now ready for either entirely new realms of study, or highly detailed and personalized training for development of advanced skills (Okinawan Karate, Classical Okinawan Weapons, Japanese Swordsmanship, 7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Immediate Self Defense for Professionals)

Any background and skills you have will certainly be of benefit to you, and interesting to me, but I am mostly looking for students who sincerely want to learn and will enjoy doing the work.

Your job is to practice, my job is to guide your practice when we are together so that you can continue to make progress.  You must invest significant time on your own or you will be wasting both of our time and energy.

I will be very selective in choosing prospective students:

  • You must be trustworthy and loyal
  • You must have a strong work ethic
  • You must pass a background check (my standards are very high)

Your first 90 days will be probationary

Still interested?

If all this has you intrigued and excited rather than scared off, then I’d like to talk to you.  (I am not looking for students, I am looking for disciples and apprentices to continue the lineages that I hold and have been entrusted to pass on.)

Write me an email to or and tell me a bit about yourself personally, your training background, what you would like to learn, and why you would like to learn it.