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Martial Arts Academy Bujutsu Gakuin Wushu Xueyuan is a 501(c)3 non-profit public benefit corporation.

We are proud to be part of USA Karate, the National Governing Body for Karate, and member of the United States Olympic Committee. USA Karate is part of the Panamerican Karate Federation, and part of the World Karate Federation, so our organization is 188 member nations strong.

Our school is the only USA Karate school in Sonoma County. USA Karate is the best, most traditional, most professional organization for Karate in the World, with strict standards of excellence. Our Sensei, Tony Johnson, is a Coach, Certified Kata Judge, Certified Kumite Referee, and has Certified Rank.

Our regional Karate association is NCKF, the Northern California Karate Federation, www.nckf.us.

Okinawan Karate is scheduled for an exciting debut as an official Olympic sport. Appropriately, the unveiling will occur in Tokyo, Japan at the 2020 Summer Olympics, featuring both Kumite (point-based sparring) and Kata (forms).